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Here are some rules for the Willowy Goodness Awards:

1.  All nominated fics MUST have Willow as one of the (or the only) central characters.

2.  Please only nominate fics written, or updated, in 2015.  Any fics written before 2015 or not updated in 2015 will not be accepted for nomination.

3.  Any author nominated for "Best ________ Author" MUST have written that particular pairing in 2015.  If the author hasn't written that particular pairing in 2015, they cannot be nominated for the "Best ________ Author" category.  I don't care how fantastic the author is, they cannot be nominated.

4.  Unfinished fics are eligible, but there must be at least 5 parts written.

5.  Authors may nominate themselves or others, but can not vote for themselves.

6.  One person may only nominate an author/fic once per category, but you can nominate them/it in as many categories as you want. 

s7.  One person may only vote for one author/fic per category.  The use of multiple email addresses by an individual will result in all votes from that individual being discounted.

8.  I reserve the right to correct any nominations I feel have been nominated in the wrong category.  Please nominate carefully.

9.  For fic categories, include the title, the author, author's email, the pairing, the rating, and the URL to the piece of fic.  If you do not include *your* email address, your nominations will be discounted.

10.  No flaming allowed! 

11.  By pairing I mean romantic lovey-dovey relationship (or steamy sex-filled relationship ... or both).  We do not mean friendship.  Yes, there are tons of wonderful friendship fics out there.  If you want to nominate a friendship fic, do so under "Best Friendship Fic", not under the pairing.

12.  The secret phrase needed for your nominations to be accepted is:   "Nerds are in. They're still in, right?"  Yes, it IS silly, but I need to know whether or not you've read the rules.

13.  Best AU must have a major difference with canon!  Fic set in a previous decade or Willow's the slayer or Willow's a cheerleader, etc. are wonderful examples of AUs.  Small divergences with canon -ie- Willow's not gay or Willow and Xander don't fluke - do not count.  This category is for authors who have made a major change and thus make an entirely new Buffyverse.  If you're curious if a fic counts, email Elisabeth at wga_awards@yahoo.com.

14.  The Best Photo Manipulation or Layout category is not subject to the 2015 rule.  Any manip or layout from any time within the BtVS/AtS fandom history is eligible for nomination.

15.  There will not be any vote-offs if 2 or more authors or fics tie for first or second place.  If 2 or more authors or fics tie, then those authors will share the place & each author will receive a winner's plaque.





The Willowy Goodness Awards are brought to you by Elisabeth and Hairy Eyeball, who has taken over from Willow's Lil' Secret and Jen. 
Originally brought to you by Near Her Always (the Willow Character Zone of the BtVS Writers' Guild) and Kaz.

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