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What are The Willowy Goodness Awards?

The Willowy Goodness Awards are for any and all Willow-centric fanfic. As long as Willow is the primary character (or one of the primary characters) in the story, it is eligible to be nominated. We have many categories for all types of Willow-centric fanfic. Slash, het, all ratings (G-NC-17) are eligible!


Why did we start the WGA?

(2001) We started the WGA because there aren't any Willow-centric Fic Awards out there that don't deal with specific pairings! (I have since heard about the Golden Frog Awards so there is another out there, but WGA is set up a bit differently than the GFA with different categories and stuff.) So after much thought, Saladin and Kaz decided that Willow-centric fic deserved a set of awards that covered all of the 'ships and options. An inclusive set of awards.


Who is hosting the WGA?

The Willowy Goodness Awards was originally hosted by Kaz in conjunction with Near Her Always the Willow Character Zone of the BtVS Writers' GuildJen (webmistress of Willow's Lil' Secret) took over WGA late 2003 when Kaz decided to move away from the award site & focus more on fanfiction. After the 2006 round closed, when Jen realized that RL was taking up too much time for her to continue running the awards site, Elisabeth (webmistress of Hairy Eyeball - a Willow/Giles archive, the Sunnydale Memorial Fanfiction Awards & Willow author in her own right) took over WGA rather than let the site disappear.


Are you eligible for the awards?

Yes, but only my (Elisabeth's) fanfiction, not my graphics or my sites (Hairy Eyeball, SunnyD Awards, or When Dragons Dreams - personal archive).


Will the fic nominated here automatically be archived somewhere?

No. However, Near Her Always is powered by the eFiction script if an author would like to register & archive their fic. Hairy Eyeball is also open for Willow/Giles submissions.






The Willowy Goodness Awards are brought to you by Elisabeth and Hairy Eyeball, who has taken over from Willow's Lil' Secret and Jen. 
Originally brought to you by Near Her Always (the Willow Character Zone of the BtVS Writers' Guild) and Kaz.

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