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The Big Gun Award (the fan who's made the largest contribution to the Willow fandom; can be webmistress/master, writer, beta reader, etc.)

Best Willow-Fic of All Time (Any Willow-centric fic written at any time since the beginning of Willow-Fic luvin'. ^_^)

Best Photo Manipulation or Layout (Layout includes websites, Live Journals & other web blogs, & message boards.)

Best New Willow Author (author who began writing in 2015)

Best Overall Willow Author

Best Overall Willow Fic

Best Willow/Angel(us) Author

Best Willow/Buffy Author

Best Willow/Faith Author

Best Willow/Giles Author

Best Willow/Kennedy Author

Best Willow/Oz Author

Best Willow/Spike Author

Best Willow/Tara Author

Best Willow/Xander Author

Best Willow/Other Female Author

Best Willow/Other Male Author

Best Just Willow Author (Author who writes non-'shipy Willow fics)

Best Multiple Partner Author (Willow & two or more others in a relationship)

Best Crossover Author * (please see note at  bottom for this category)

Best Willow/Angel(us) Fic

Best Willow/Buffy Fic

Best Willow/Faith Fic

Best Willow/Giles Fic

Best Willow/Kennedy Fic

Best Willow/Oz Fic

Best Willow/Spike Fic

Best Willow/Tara Fic

Best Willow/Xander Fic

Best Willow/Other Female Fic

Best Willow/Other Male Fic

Best Just Willow Fic (A fic without a romantic Willow 'ship)

Best Multiple Partner Fic (Willow & two or more others in a relationship)

Best Willow Crossover

Best Angst

Best Alternate Universe ** (please see note at  bottom for this category)

Best Comedy

Best Fluff

Best Friendship

Best NC-17

Best PWP (Porn without Plot or Plot? What Plot?)

Best Willow Series *** (please see note at  bottom for this category)

Best Willow Characterization

Best Vamp Willow Characterization

Best Evil Willow Characterization **** (please see note at bottom for this category)


* Crossovers must be between Buffy and another show.  A crossover  between Buffy and Angel does not count as they are essentially the SAME fandom.

** Best Series - if the author refers to each part as a chapter, then it's a story, not a series.  If each part is referred to as a story (or a story with 2 or more sequels), then it is a series.

*** Nominees in the Best AU must have a major difference with canon! Fic set in a previous decade or Willow's the slayer or Willow's a cheerleader, etc. are wonderful examples of AUs.  Small divergences with canon -- ie- Willow's not gay or Willow and Xander don't fluke -- do not count.  If you're curious if a fic counts, email Elisabeth.

**** Best Evil Willow Characterization means any Fic where Willow is a) NOT a vampire and b) IS the "Big Bad".





The Willowy Goodness Awards are brought to you by Elisabeth and Hairy Eyeball, who has taken over from Willow's Lil' Secret and Jen. 
Originally brought to you by Near Her Always (the Willow Character Zone of the BtVS Writers' Guild) and Kaz.

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