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2007 Winners

If you did not save your award, please email me and I can send it to you.

The Big Gun Award: Gabrielle
Runner Up: Elisabeth

Best Willow-Fic of All Time: Burn for Me by Em North *
Runner Up: Sleepwalking by Spikedluv *

Best Photo Manip or Layout: Willow/Angel layout/manipulation by Watchersgoddess
Runner Up: Velvetwhip's LJ layout by Lilbreck

Best New Willow Author: Calypso Woodhaven
Runner Up: Rua1412

Best Overall Willow Author: Elisabeth
Runner Up: Gabrielle

Best Overall Willow Fic: Escape Me Never by Gabrielle *
Runner Up: So Wild a Dream by KallieRose *

Best Willow/Angel(us) Author: Gabrielle
Runner Up: Jennillu

Best Willow/Giles Author: Elisabeth
Runner Up: Oreadno1

Best Willow/Spike Author: Purplefeen
Runner Up: Em North

Best Willow/Tara Author: Katherine-Magnolia
Runner Up: daneorange

Best Willow/Xander Author: Mara_Sho
Runner Up: Astridaria

Best Willow/Female Author: Anotherloustsoul
Runner Up: Damaged Justice

Best Willow/Other Male Author: Elisabeth
Runner Up: Rileysaplank

Best Multiple Partner Author: Em North
Runner Up: Claudia6913

Best Crossover Author: Elisabeth
Runner Up: Lucinda

Best Willow/Angel(us) Fic: Soulmates by Gabrielle
Runner Up: Black Martyr by Heathervamped *

Best Willow/Giles Fic: Broken Silence by Elisabeth
Runner Up: Morning After Surprise by Elisabeth *

Best Willow/Spike Fic: Burn for Me by Em North *
Runner Up: All Roads Lead to Rio by Gabrielle

Best Willow/Tara Fic: Sundays by daneorange
Runner Up: Falling Even Deeper by Katherine-Magnolia

Best Willow/Xander Fic: Kinda Crazy These Days by Mara_Sho
Runner Up: Ice Cream by Astridaria

Best Willow/Other Female Fic: Honey Moon Shine by Damaged Justice *
Runner Up: Willow Finds the Key by Saturn *

Best Willow/Other Male Fic: Tarnished Armor by Elisabeth *
Runner Up: The Wolf, the Witch, and the Wardrobe by Rileysaplank *

Best Multiple Partner Fic: Play Along by Em North *
Runner Up: Flesh Into Gear by Claudia6913 *

Best Willow Crossover: w/Numb3rs, Magic in Numbers by Elisabeth
Runner Up: w/Harry Potter, Pale Serpents by Lucinda

Best Angst: Escape Me Never by Gabrielle *
Runner Up: Consequences of Magic by KallieRose *

Best Alternate Universe: Seven Minutes in Heaven by Purplefeen *
Runner Up: William's Submission by Calypso Woodhaven *

Best Fluff: The Day A fter Tomorrow by Calypso Woodhaven *
Runner Up: Warming Up by Oreadno1

Best NC-17: Freedom by Purplefeen *
Runner Up: The Devil is a Gentleman by Calypso Woodhaven *

Best PWP: William's Submission by Calypso Woodhaven *
Runner Up: Morning After Surprise by Elisabeth *

Best Willow Series: Cold Heat, Soft Steel by Gabrielle *
Runner Up: So Many Steps to Death by KallieRose *

Best Willow Characterization: Escape Me Never by Gabrielle *
Runner Up: Burn for Me by Em North *

Best VampWillow Characterization: Bored Now by Grace *
Runner Up: Formatia Trans Sicere Educatorum by Coffee





The Willowy Goodness Awards are brought to you by Elisabeth and Hairy Eyeball, who has taken over from Willow's Lil' Secret and Jen. 
Originally brought to you by Near Her Always (the Willow Character Zone of the BtVS Writers' Guild) and Kaz.

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