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2006 Winners

The Big Gun Award: Purplefeen
Runner Up: Lucinda Siverling

Best Willow-Fic of All Time: Fallen Angels by Inell & Anastasia *
Runner Up: (tie) The Charms of Dancing by Anastasia * & Eighteen Days by Elen *

Best Photo Manip or Layout: Velvetwhip's Live Journal by lilbreck
Runner Up: good__evil January layout by Selene

Best New Willow Author: Vallkiran
Runner Up: Ravenhawk

Best Overall Willow Author: KallieRose
Runner Up: Gabrielle

Best Overall Willow Fic: Burn for Me by Em North
Runner Up: Amongst the Dead & Dying by KallieRose

Best W/A Author: Gabrielle
Runner Up: Lisa Kelley

Best W/G Author: Elisabeth
Runner Up: Heathervamped

Best W/S Author: Elen
Runner Up: (tie) KallieRose & Purplefeen

Best W/Female Author: Anotherloustsoul
Runner Up: Padre

Best W/Other Male Author: Claudia6913
Runner Up: Elisabeth

Best Multiple Partner Author: Gabrielle
Runner Up: purplefeen

Best Crossover Author: (tie) Emmy & Shannon
Runner Up: Laney

Best W/A Fic: Soulmate by Gabrielle
Runner Up: The Ugly Duckling by Emmy *

Best W/G Fic: Don't Warn The Tadpoles by Elisabeth *
Runner Up: Crystalline Key by Elisabeth *

Best W/S Fic: A Gift by Em North *
Runner Up: Shroud of Lies by Spurglie

Best W/Female Fic: Those Three Words by jennillu
Runner Up: Heroes & Lovers by Anotherlostsoul

Best W/Other Male Fic: Nothing to Me by Rileysplank
Runner Up: Ripped Apart by Laney

Best Multiple Partner Fic: Nostalgia in the Present Tense by Gabrielle *
Runner Up: Revenge is Best Served With a Side of Witch by Claudia6913 *

Best Willow Series: So Many Steps to Death by Kallie Rose
Runner Up: Cold Heat, Soft Steel by Gabrielle *

Best Angst: Facing the Clock Trilogy by Gabrielle
Runner Up: Burn for You by Emnorth *

Best AU: High School Confidential by Purplefeen
Runner Up: At First Glance by Midnight *

Best Comedy: Fangdicko by Natalie Sims *
Runner Up: The Key to Her...Heart? by Purplefeen *

Best Willow Crossover: Eternal Fate by Shanna
Runner Up: Ripped Apart by Laney

Best Fluff: Badness by Purplefeen *
Runner Up: Fangdicko by Natalie Sims *

Best Friendship: Dark Fall by Lucinda
Runner Up: An Indefinite Layover by Elisabeth

Best NC-17: (tie) The Art of the Possible by Lisa Kelley * & The Secret by Gabrielle *
Runner Up: So Wild a Dream by KallieRose *

Best PWP: Too Damn Hot by Gabrielle *
Runner Up: Touch by Purplefeen *

Best Willow Characterization: Alarum by Jennillu
Runner Up: Shroud of Lies by Spurglie

Best VampWillow Characterization: Should Have Been, Still Could Be by Em North *
Runner Up: Blood & Fire by Anotherlostsoul *





The Willowy Goodness Awards are brought to you by Elisabeth and Hairy Eyeball, who has taken over from Willow's Lil' Secret and Jen. 
Originally brought to you by Near Her Always (the Willow Character Zone of the BtVS Writers' Guild) and Kaz.

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