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2004 Winners

Note:  No second place will be awarded in categories where only 2 authors/fics were nominated.


The Big Gun Award
First Place:  Inell
Runner Up:  Gabrielle & Kaz (tie)

Best New Willow Author
First Place:  Elen
Second Place:  claudia6913

Best Overall Willow Author
First Place:  KallieRose
Second Place:  Elen

Best Overall Willow Fic
First Place:  Odalisque by Elen
Second Place:  The Road Less Travelled by Inell

Best Willow/Angel Author
First Place:  Inell
Second Place:  Claudia6913 & Elisabeth (tie)

Best Willow/Buffy Author
First Place:  Pat Kelly

Best Willow/Faith Author
First Place:  Jennifer Oksana

Best Willow/Giles Author
First Place:  Elisabeth
Second Place:  Leslie

Best Willow/Spike Author
First Place:  Elen
Second Place:  Angel S., Emily, & Jennnillu (3 way tie)

Best Willow/Tara Author
First Place:  jadeo0
Second Place:  Psimetis

Best Willow/Xander Author
First Place:  Jetwolf

Best Willow/Other Female Author
First Place:  Inell - W/Drusilla
Second Place:  Laney - W/Sam Carter

Best Willow/Other Male Author
First Place:  EenaAngel - W/Harry
Second Place:  Leslie  - W/Graham

Best Just Willow Author
First Place:  Shanna

Best Multiple Partner Author
First Place:  Inell - W/S/A
Second Place:  FemailoftheSpecies - W/S/A

Best Crossover Author
First Place:  Inell
Second Place:  Echo & Lucinda (tie)

Best Willow/Angel Fanfic
First Place:  Then & Now by KallieRose
Second Place:  Teacher's Pet pt. 1 by Elisabeth

Best Willow/Buffy Fanfic
First Place:  A Two of a Kind Love by Pat Kelly

Best Willow/Faith Fanfic
First Place:  Violent Femmes by Inell

Best Willow/Giles Fanfic
First Place:  Tumblin' Down by Elisabeth
Second Place:  Road Not Taken by Leslie

Best Willow/Spike Fanfic
First Place:  Burn for Me by Emily
Second Place:  Odalisque by Elen

Best Willow/Tara Fanfic
First Place:  Just Watching by Whiskey Meteor
Second Place:  Brave Eyes by Psimetis

Best Willow/Xander Fanfic
First Place:  Re-Touched by Lysa_uk

Best Willow/Other Female Fanfic
First Place:  Friends & Family by Laney

Best Willow/Other Male Fanfic
First Place:  A Wizard's Debt by Inell
Second Place:  Endings and Beginnings by Echo

Best Just Willow Fanfic
First Place:  Fancy Meeting You Here by Inell
Second Place:  Share the Pain by Shanna

Best Multiple Partner Fanfic
First Place:  The Road Less Travelled by Inell
Second Place:  Those Wicked Blond Bad Boys by Inell

Best Willow Series
First Place:  Pleasure & Pain Series by KallieRose
Second Place:  The Turning Series by Claudia6913

Best Angst
First Place:  Long Hard Road Out Of Hell by claudia6913
Second Place:  Buttercup by Inell, In Bits and Pieces by Aileen, & Odalisque by Elen (3 way tie)

Best Alternate Universe
First Place:  Odalisque by Elen
Second Place:  Semper Fidelis by Leslie

Best Comedy
First Place:  Je Souhaite Reality TV by Fayth
Second Place:  Walking on Sunshine by Inell

Best Willow Crossover
First Place:  Healing Wounds by Sylver
Second Place:  Ripped Apart by Laney

Best Fluff
First Place:  Take Me Walking In The Rain by Elisabeth
Second Place:  Buttons by Inell

Best Friendship
First Place:  Burn for Me by Emily
Second Place:  Misfits Series A New Start by Inell

Best NC-17
First Place:  Odalisque by Elen
Second Place:  Christmas Prezzie by Inell

Best PWP
First Place:  Beggar's Banquet by Elen
Second Place:  Reckless by Inell

Best Romance
First Place:  Belly Up to the Bar by Shanna
Second Place:  Burn for Me by Emily

Best Willow Characterization
First Place:  Ugly Duckling by Emmy
Second Place:  A Wizard's Debt by Inell

Best Vamp Willow Characterization
First Place:  Learning Curve by KallieRose
Second Place:  Only Hope by Inell

Best Evil Willow Characterization
First Place:  Endings and Beginnings by Echo
Second Place:  Evil Loves Company by Heathervamped



The Willowy Goodness Awards are brought to you by Elisabeth and Hairy Eyeball, who has taken over from Willow's Lil' Secret and Jen. 
Originally brought to you by Near Her Always (the Willow Character Zone of the BtVS Writers' Guild) and Kaz.

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