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2002 Winners

The Big Gun Award
Charity - for her site Bite Me, Please?

Best New Willow Author
First Place - Laney
Second Place - Leslie Ketchum

Best Overall Willow Author
First Place - Jinni
Second Place - Hunter Ash

Best Overall Willow Fic
First Place - Red Moon Rising by Hunter Ash (W/B/T)
Second Place - It's About Time by Carrie (W/S, W/A)

Best Willow/Angel Author
First Place - Medea
Second Place - Mystra

Best Willow/Buffy Author
First Place - Red Willow
Second Place - Inell

Best Willow/Cordelia Author
First Place - Inell
Second Place - Kate Bolin

Best Willow/Giles Author
First Place - TigerLily
Second Place - Laura Smith

Best Willow/Oz Author
First Place - Amy
Second Place - SuperPixie

Best Willow/Spike Author
First Place - Spikedluv
Second Place - Carrie

Best Willow/Tara Author
First Place - Hunter Ash
Second Place - Lisa Countryman

Best Willow/Wesley Author
First Place - Mystra
Second Place - Amberina

Best Willow/Xander Author
First Place - Princess Twilite
Second Place - Michael/MeB

Best Willow/Other Author
First Place - Princess Twilite (W/Fred)
Second Place - Jinni (W/Severus Snape)

Best Willow/Multiple Author
First Place - Hunter Ash (W/B/T)
Second Place - The Bear (W/B/T)

Best Just Willow Author
First Place - Sam James
Second Place - Lendolyn

Best Willow/Angel Fanfic
First Place - To Forsake All Others by Jinni
Second Place - Sanctuary by Laney

Best Willow/Buffy Fanfic
First Place - Filling in the Gaps by Red Willow *
Second Place - Children of the Earth by WillowX *

Best Willow/Cordelia Fanfic
First Place - What Would You Do For a Klondike Bar? by Jinni
Second Place - Hidden Depths by Inell

Best Willow/Giles Fanfic
First Place - Kiss the Librarian by Laura Smith
Second Place - Out of Time by Monique *

Best Willow/Oz Fanfic
First Place - Controlled Panic by S.A. *
Second Place - Little Red Riding Hood by Michael

Best Willow/Spike Fanfic
First Place - Sleepwalking by Spikedluv
Second Place - Take Your Time by Carrie

Best Willow/Tara Fanfic
First Place - Terra Firma by Tulipp  
Second Place - Under Your Spell by Amberina

Best Willow/Wesley Fanfic
First Place - Quiet Ones by Mystra
Second Place - Temptation by Jinni

Best Willow/Xander Fanfic
First Place - Evolution by Princess Twilite *
Second Place - Mistress Red by Michael

Best Willow/Other Fanfic
First Place - Anya's List by CN Winters (W/Anya) *
Second Place - World Without by Laney (W/Daniel Jackson)

Best Willow/Multiple Fanfic
First Place - Red Moon Rising by Hunter Ash (W/B/T)
Second Place - Belly Up to the Bar by Shanna (W/S/A) *

Best Just Willow Fanfic
First Place - The Trial of Willow Rosenberg by Sam James
Second Place - Project: Initiative by Lucinda

Best Willow Series
First Place - Masters and Minions by Medea (W/S/A) *
Second Place - The Circle Series by The Rainbow Writers (W/T)

Best Willow Crossover
First Place - A Drop in the Ocean by Echo (Harry Potter)
Second Place - World Without by Laney (Stargate)

Best Angst
First Place - It's About Time by Carrie (W/S, W/A)
Second Place - Prisms by Mad Hamlet (W/Buffy)

Best Comedy
First Place - Poking Can Be Dangerous by Lady Dark Star (W/Spike)
Second Place - Private Conversations by CN Winters (W/Tara)

Best Fluff
First Place - Seduction of Spike by Spikedluv (W/Spike) *
Second Place - Whatever Happened to Miss Kitty? by Fayth (W/Spike)

Best Friendship
First Place - Geek the Girl by Rachel Anton (W/Spike)
Second Place - The Importance of Coffee by Lucinda (W/Angel)

Best NC-17
First Place - Sleepwalking by Spikedluv (W/Spike) *
Second Place - Vixens by Dumbsaint (W/Tara) *

Best PWP
First Place - Belly Up to the Bar by Shanna (W/S/A) *
Second Place - On Occasion by Kirayoshi, Mad Hamlet and Shyfox (W/Buffy) *

Best Willow Characterization (Fanfic)
First Place - Deceived by Ruby (W/Spike) *
Second Place - Girl with Kaleidoscope Eyes by Kyra Cullinan (W/Tara)

Best Vamp Willow Characterization (Fanfic)
First Place - Fallen by Hunter Ash (W/Buffy)
Second Place - Impractical Magick by Echo (W/Spike)*

Best Evil Willow Characterization (Fanfic)
First Place - Scooby No More by Cassy Mills (W/Spike)
Second Place - Seduction of a Slayer by Red (W/Buffy) *




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