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2001 Winners

Best Overall Willow Author
First Place - Inell
Second Place - Anastasia

Best Overall Willow Fic
First Place - Charms of Dancing by Anastasia*
Second Place - Reward and Reprisal by Lisa Countryman *

Best Willow Beta Reader
First Place- Dru

Best Willow/Angel Author
First Place - Carrie
Second Place - Saber Shadowkitten

Best Willow/Buffy Author
First Place - Buffonia
Second Place - Chimera Bloom

Best Willow/Cordelia Author
First Place - Buffonia
Second Place - Inell

Best Willow/Faith Author
First Place- Inell

Best Willow/Giles Author
First Place - Monique

Best Willow/Oz Author
First Place - Emilie
Second Place - Oz Maniac

Best Willow/Spike Author
First Place - Saber Shadowkitten
Second Place - Anastasia

Best Willow/Tara Author
First Place - Lisa Countryman
Second Place - Lovesbitca

Best Willow/Xander Author
First Place - Nikki

Best Willow/Other Author
First Place - Eve for Willow/Spike/Angel
Second Place - Inell for Willow/Lindsey

Best Just Willow Author
First Place - Kendra A
Second Place - Karen

Best Willow/Angel Fanfic
First Place - Outside Eternity by T.C. *
Second Place - Pixie by Kendra

Best Willow/Buffy Fanfic
First Place - You Used to Be Mine by Chimera Bloom *
Second Place - Subterfuge by Inell

Best Willow/Cordelia Fanfic
First Place - Class Act by Inell
Second Place - This Forgotten Love by Kate Bolin

Best Willow/Faith Fanfic
First Place - Growing Together, Growing Apart by Kylia *

Best Willow/Giles Fanfic
First Place - Saving Willow by Robin2 *
Second Place - Sometimes the Bear Gets You by Monique

Best Willow/Oz Fanfic
First Place - I Will Love You Until the End of Time by Venus Blue
Second Place - Human Wolf by Karen

Best Willow/Spike Fanfic
First Place - Charms of Dancing by Anastasia*
Second Place - Short Silly Fics by Saber Shadowkitten

Best Willow/Tara Fanfic
First Place - Reward and Reprisal by Lisa Countryman *
Second Place - Yours, Always by Buffonia

Best Willow/Xander Fanfic
First Place - Things Called Love by Inell
Second Place - Like a Ripple Through a Stream by Nikki

Best Willow/Other Fanfic
First Place - Strangers on a Train by Inell *
Second Place - Not Completely Unscathed by Karen U

Best Just Willow Fanfic
First Place - Fine by Karen
Second Place - Ashamnu by Amanda

Best Willow Series
First Place - Hell Here by Ruby *
Second Place - Abracadabra Series by Saber Shadowkitten * (PG-13 version available)

Best Willow Crossover
First Place - Wicked Willow Series by Reatha *
Second Place - Elvish Blood by Spike's Serena

Best Angst
First Place - Night Visits by Chrissy *
Second Place - Bound by Lisa Countryman

Best Comedy
First Place - Short Silly Fics by Saber Shadowkitten
Second Place - Mental Case by Ruby

Best Fluff
First Place - Willow for Christmas by Chrissy
Second Place - Brush Up On Your Shakespeare by Kirayoshi

Best Friendship
First Place - Big Blue Boxes by Chrissy *
Second Place - Feeling Better the Bunny Way by M. Jade

Best NC-17
First Place - Charms of Dancing by Anastasia*
Second Place - Consentual Bondage by Ruby *

Best PWP
First Place - Everyone's Getting Spanked But Me by Alrisha *
Second Place - Like a Lollipop by Inell

Best Action Scene
First Place - Ashes, Ashes, They All Fell Down by Mad Hamlet
Second Place - Something Old by Inell

Best Comic Scene
First Place - Unanticipated Future by Inell
Second Place - Bound by Lisa Countryman

Best Romantic Scene
First Place - Evil Comes Crawling on Silent Paws by Susi *
Second Place - Retribution and Reward by Lisa Countryman *

Best Willow Characterization (Fanfic)
First Place - Reward and Reprisal by Lisa Countryman
Second Place - Haunted by Inell

Best Vamp Willow Characterization (Fanfic)
First Place - Masters and Minions I by Medea *
Second Place - Wicked Willow by Reatha *

Best Evil Willow Characterization (Fanfic)
First Place - The Pleasure Principle by Buffonia *
Second Place - Break on Through by Tisienne *





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